Posted: Friday, May 15, 2015 3:10 am


For people who used to enjoy listening to the scanner, things changed when Raleigh County went to a narrow band of frequencies. Most scanners can’t pick up the new signals.

To help people in the community learn more about their neighborhoods, Raleigh County started a “SafeTown” webpage. The site also helps emergency first responders, officials said.

“SafeTown is a map of all of Raleigh County that shows emergency calls,” Data Entry Clerk Stephanie Cook said. “There won’t be any exact addresses given and not all calls show up on the map, but it gives people a good idea about what’s going on.”

Cook said people can create “household profiles” that tell emergency first responders about everything from allergies to where the spare key is hidden.

“This is just an extra service that we can provide to Raleigh County,” Cook said. “People get curious and want to know what’s going on, which is understandable.

“You can also use SafeTown to make sure there are no traffic jams or anything like that when you’re traveling across the county.”

All of the information put into SafeTown is completely confidential and it is only shared with dispatchers at the Emergency Operations Center, Cook said.

“You can also use Safe Town to report non-emergency incidents that you see,” she said. “Like if you see a broken stoplight or an unsafe driver. That frees up the non-emergency lines for the dispatchers.”

Reports can be made from the SafeTown website or from the SafeTown App.


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